Map out your musical taste and compatability with Music.Statis.tically

How do I get started?

  1. Sign-up to the service

    Simply either click on the signup link at the top of every page or click here.

  2. Fill in your personal information

    Fill out all the personal information requested on the signup page, this will be used on your profile and in search data

  3. Upload your iTunes library data

    Using iTunes handy export function you can create a listing of your iTunes data which you can upload to the service. This will be explained in greater detail on the signup page.

  4. Generate your musical taste chart

    The service wil then generate your chart by integrating it with the database.

  5. Use your chart to find:

    • Music

      Looking for new artists to add to your library?

      Music.Statis.tically can use your music chart to provide suggestions of artists that you may enjoy.

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    • Venues

      Looking to find a musical venue for tonight?

      Music.Statis.tically can compare your chart against venues in areas providing you with a selection of venues with similar music tastes you.

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    • Friends

      Looking to find a friend with similar music tates to you?

      Music.Statis.tically can compare our chart with other users in the system to give you a list of musically like-minded individuals to yourself

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